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Climate Action Workshops

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School Based!

Curriculum Aligned!

Please note, climate action workshops are temporarily on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions

  • Fun & Interactive!

  • Integrative Learning

  • Real-World Connections

  • Promotes Critical Thinking & Engaged Citizenship

  • Considers Alternate Perspectives

"I have learned you are never too young to make a difference"

Greta Thunberg, 16, Climate Activist

Game of Futures Workshops


Hosted in schools /classrooms, conferences, youth forums

Duration: 1-1.5 hrs.
Level: Grades 5-8 
Workshop size: 15- 30 students

*Leadership Development*
 (Grades 9-12 / Grade 10 Civics)


Play the Game of Futures-- BOOK A WORKSHOP TODAY!

What is it

The Game of Futures is an hour long climate action workshop designed to promote sustainable thinking and collaborative action with people, the planet, and the future in mind! 

Students are organized into  communities and assume roles as 'leaders of an emerging future.' Each community must race against the clock and each other to ensure their survival and future sustainability, using materials at hand and making critical investments in climate mitigation and adaptation.

As in real-life, students are positioned unequally within the game and must work creatively to overcome barriers and seize opportunities.

What do students learn?

The game inspires playful creativity, collaborative action and engaged citizenship. Students learn about the interrelationships between social, economic, environmental and political systems.  Their experiences as leaders in the game serves as a platform for reflection and discussion about the social aspects of sustainability, responsible resource stewardship and creating enabling environments in the broader context of climate change and the future of the planet.

Following the game, students have the opportunity to develop their ideas for taking action locally to protect the climate and create a sustainable future.



SO MUCH FUN! Great teamwork building challenge

-Grade 5 student, District School Board of Toronto

It was the BEST!!  Very fun and engaging!

Very interactive and so much fun! 

I learned A LOT about climate change and my community

-Grade 7 student, Eco Forum Participant

-Grade 8 Student, District School Board of Niagara

Book a Workshop Today!

Phone: 289-778-0642 (Business)

Nancy Rushford 

PhD, MSc.OT, Reg. (Ont.), M.A

Registered Occupational Therapist/


Tara Darling

M.Ed, B.Ed,

Certified Forest & Nature Practitioner

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