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Nature Based Learning

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Why Nature?

Children need time and space to play freely in nature, take risks and ignite their imaginations in ways that engage their whole brain and body and promote optimal development.   Yet children today spend less time playing freely outside and more time in front of screens than ever before with negative consequences to their overall health and mental well being.


At Connect by Nature, we offer opportunities for children of all abilities to learn about the natural world through activation of the senses and hands-on learning.




Our Learn by Nature Program provides a learning environment that engages children in exploration and develops the whole child through play, natural curiosity, inquiry, and connection to nature and each other.  Exposure to wildlife, animals, and local habitats allows children to ask questions and provokes an interest in local ecosystems. Through this approach to learning, the stage is set for children to become life long learners who feel connected and empowered to be active parts of their community and stewards of nature and the climate.

The program has been developed by an elementary school teacher and certified forest and nature practitioner, in collaboration with an Occupational Therapist. This unique program offers an ultimate sensory learning experience for small groups of children  throughout the school year.


Learn by Nature Program

Painted Leaves 2
  • Children (ages 3-7 years); small groups only; all abilities

  • 6 week blocks; 1-2 times/week  

  • Fall/Winter/Spring 

  • Afternoons  1:30-3:30 pm

  • Location:  Pelham, Ont.


*Please note, the learn by nature is not a therapy program; it is an outdoor recreational/ educational program for  small groups of children. For therapy please refer to the Occupational Therapy/Psychotherapy section.








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Winter 2021 !



Contact us for more information!

Phone: 289-778-0642 (Business)

Nancy Rushford 

PhD, MSc.OT, Reg. (Ont.), M.A

Registered Occupational Therapist/


Tara Darling M.Ed, B.Ed,

Certified Forest & Nature Practitioner

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